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 SpainHouse Company is a reliable team of professionals in the field of real estate and legal rights in Spain. Our team consists of best attorneys, lawyers, managers and experts in the field of sales and services. Our main specialization is real estate sales in Spain. Nevertheless, we have never been limited to one area and have always been interested in further dynamic development, gathering many more services that are useful to you. Our company is one of the leaders in the market of consulting services. And now, we continue to improve our skills developing new directions in providing individual services to for each client.


Initially SpainHouse Company took as a basis the principle of continuous improvement, commitment, development and high level of control when providing European level services to our customers. This gave us the opportunity not only to focus on the area of real estate sales, but also let us develop in many other areas such as investment, legal services, banking services, maintenance services, marketing, management, accounting and auditing.


Our company has been working in the field of services and real estate market for over ten years, which means that we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience both actively used by our staff in helping your wishes come true.


During this time, we have established business relations with more than a dozen business partners and have found reliable solutions not only in Spain but worldwide. Our partners are mainly large companies in different business areas with a lot of experience and prestige. This collaboration provided us with the opportunity of further development, it helped us learn new things and further expand the scope of the services we offer.


This approach to work enables us to provide all our customers with a wide range of services to attain their goals in life, as well as to expand the geography of our presence. Confidence, experience, professionalism and communication - is the foundation for building and keeping our successful business prosperous in all areas.


SpainHouse Company services are used by clients around the world. We try to be more flexible in order to find the right approach to each client. We provide all kinds of consulting services at the highest level. Each of them guaranteed gets individual approach and high quality of services due to close attention to their problem and full confidentiality.

  Our clients include not only individuals who applied for private matters, but also businessmen and large companies who want to expand their businesses and expand their presence in Spain. We accompany our clients or act under a power of attorney representing their interests. For us it doesn’t matter what kind of service is required: an expensive one or a cheaper one, the only thing we care about is that our customers were satisfied with the services provided and contacted us again and again.


We can competently and legally arrange things so that the law worked only for the benefit of your business. Our experienced management experts will optimize and promote your business and make it more competitive in the market.

 Therefore, in all the services we can provide the organization and realization of your requests on a “turn-key” basis, so that you do not worry and do not waste your time. Our customers can always take advantage of comprehensive solutions of their problems and of using each service separately. To satisfy our customers, SpainHouse staff is ready to deal with the execution and settlement of complex legal issues in various fields.


     SpainHouse Company structure


 Coherence, experience, professional managers and operational efficiency can be guaranteed only by competent division of labor, well-organized hierarchy and good structure of the company. To ensure the highest service quality level, it was necessary to divide the company by departments:


- Legal Department, which consists of qualified attorneys and lawyers with extensive experience in the field of international law and the legislation of Spain;


- Accounting Department, which consists of competent and skilled accountants and auditors experienced in the legislation details in its field; they will help to favorably carry out various operations or start a business in Spain;


- Translation Department, which consists of the most experienced translators of Spanish, English and Russian languages, and many of them know all the subtleties of language translations in all spheres of life that allows our company to be more broad-based;


- Investment Department, where the staff consists of the smartest strategists and tacticians who are looking for favorable money investment, invest the finances of our company and of our customers in profitable projects with guaranteed stable income;


- Management Department includes employees who distribute orders, communicate with clients, hold meetings with clients to find out their problems and help developing a plan for the effective solution of all issues, schedule meetings, and agree with the organizations to obtain necessary documents;


- Technical Department consists of specialists focused on processing requests, as well as programmers, designers, photographers, document collection and delivery service, recordkeeping etc.


 All these departments provide high level of service and quality, doing their work efficiently to keep you satisfied with the results.


       Our services in the field of real estate sales


 The main direction of our business is to assist people in acquiring or leasing any type of property in all corners of Spain. We work with major construction companies creating most comfortable and well-designed real estate. Our employees carry out the real estate market consulting and know best options to invest in.


 We provide services throughout Spain, but priority is given to real estate on the coasts due to good climatic conditions and strong financial performance of these regions. The most attractive places are considered Barcelona, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Costa del Garraf.

 We are engaged in any type of real estate deals – both commercial and residential. We will help you rent or buy offices, apartments, villas and more. In addition, we are engaged in investment and can help you to invest capital or to build the desired object. We offer buying real estate directly from the developer or from the owners in the secondary market.


In addition to all these services, we will provide legal support for the translation carried out by our experienced professionals who will explain you any norms of law and advise on best ways out in any situations. They will also explain you all possible outcomes arising from your actions and decisions and inform about your rights and responsibilities.


     Why choosing SpainHouse Company?


 - Our work with customers is based on mutual trust;

 - We offer mutually beneficial cooperation, transparent conditions and payment terms;

 - We advise and assist our clients in all issues of real estate market;

 - We have the best team that consists of true professionals in their fields;

 - We have a well-known brand name and brilliant reputation gained over the years of work by trust and appreciation from the clients;

 - We offer the best quality service and have a lot of business partners;

 - Company has flexible pricing policy;

 - Individual approach to each client;

 - Constant monitoring of service quality;

 - We have collected an extensive database of real estate offers;

 - We give a real guarantee to the quality of our work;

 - We provide full and comprehensive advice and explaining the reasons;

 - Every day we improve our services and develop our company;


  - The most important achievement we have is our happy loyal customers!


       + ( 34 ) 722 - 495 - 040