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  Real estate after-sale service in Spain

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   Type: Real estate service in Spain


   Accompanying time: Individually


 Buying property in Spain is quite advantageous. Here you will find attractive prices for resort area objects. Purchasing real estate is a serious procedure in which our company is highly competent to be able to help you. However, upon closing a deal and receiving the keys new owners still have a lot of things to do. Perhaps you need to make repairs and buy everything you need for your stay, as it is clear you would like to design and equip your new home to your own taste.

 Most like you will need to buy furniture and other home furnishings. Also it is impossible today to do without high quality internet connection and other technical stuff. We perfectly understand your needs and provide after-sale service to make your move comfortable and help you get nicely designed equipped accommodation as soon as possible.     


  We will help you to hire workers and buy all of the materials. Our experts from know where best prices and offers are, and where to order everything necessary for you new home. Besides, in Spain it is forbidden to perform construction works without having a licenseб and that has to be taken into account too. We can help you carry out all the necessary negotiations and receive all necessary agreements.


 For accommodation re-planning you need to have a technical sketch and get permission for construction works. Spanish authorities are very careful about this issue as they are trying to minimize possible precedents. This is done to provide the highest possible level of security.


   What is necessary to do after purchasing the real estate?

 First of all, you need to prepare the house for your residence or other purposes. If you bought a non-residential property as an office, you need to purchase office equipment, furniture and the necessary attributes. In some cases, it is necessary to make alterations to a certain business activity, which also has its own nuances. Some activities require correspondingly equipped rooms, and SpainHouse experts will assist you in looking for specialist who can help to organize it without any problems. Representatives of our company will help you buy an apartment much faster as well as help prepare the object to your business activities and make large purchases at reasonable prices before you start working.


 When purchasing residential real estate you can receive from our company assistance in the following issues:


 - Organizing real estate repairs (previously agreed upon in the drawings and layouts);

 - Selecting professional and licensed staff for construction work;

 - Providing you with catalogs of materials and helping to make up your mind;

 - Purchasing materials needed for construction; 

 - Making up a list of essential items necessary to buy;

 - Planning the furniture arrangement;

 - Offering interior design projects for your home;

 - Purchasing everything you find necessary and deliver it to the place;

 - Connecting phone, internet, and cable TV;

 - Providing any other services related to your comfortable accommodation or work at the new place.


When buying office space or other non-residential objects you can receive our company assistance in:


- Provision of drawings (based on the type of business activity);

 - Obtaining necessary licenses;

 - Hiring professional construction workers and buying building materials;

 - Construction process control;

 - Room equipment (previously agreed with you);

 - Communication lines establishment in your office;

 - Other related services.


If you bought the property not for permanent residence, we can help you make a profit. Often people buy property in Spain for a summer vacation, and not only for permanent residence. Besides organizing everything there, you should take care of the property, as due to the long downtime, some objects may fail. Our staff won’t allow your property get damaged and will help you raise money from your investment. When you are away, your property can be leased; and this will cover not only utility services costs, but will also bring you real profit.  

  This is a lucrative offer, because you can hardly find an opportunity to visit Spain every time you find new apartment renters. Our agents can rent out your property for you. The agreed payment will be transferred to your bank account at the date specified in the contract. This contract will contain all the details you find important. Just as well we can rent out commercial property on your behalf.


We will help you manage your property with maximum profit for you and according to the agreement we sign. We will control your property on your behalf, organize cleaning, repair and other processes on our own, so you don’t have to come to Spain every single time.

 Real estate situated at the sea shore requires special care and constant monitoring, because this property has to be protected from moist air. Do not worry about the condition of your home and interior. To your arrival everything will be given its original form, and you will return home with the feeling that you have been here just yesterday.

 Contact us and SpainHouse Company will assist you in any after-sale services and property management.



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