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  The choice of educational institutions and training in Spain

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 Education in European universities is considered to have high quality and is recognized throughout the world. One of the best diplomas you can get it in Spain. The Kingdom of Spain has an excellent, favorable climate, rich history and culture. Getting an education or training in Spain discovers great opportunities for the future of your child and is available at reasonable price today.

 Local schools take children from 3 years. Getting an education is in Spanish schools is a great opportunity to learn and master many foreign languages ??at a high level, which gives a distinct advantage in the future. All this will allow your child to integrate into modern European society, and to receive a decent education. There are excellent schools in Barcelona, for example.


 SpainHouse Company specialists will advise and help you choose the educational institution for you or for your child.

  Of course, it is not so easy to get a place for your child in a foreign school, because there is always some kind of competition and the process has its own specifics. At this point you need expert advice. Children always deserve the best, and education is a very important stage in their lives. In Spain, there are many educational institutions - they all differ not only in advanced study of certain subjects, but also in reputation.


 All schools and universities are in competition with each other for the title of the best of the best. The more prestigious the school is - the higher quality education your child receives. Education is paid in Spain, but in this country financial opportunities of the parents can hardly give any preferences to your child during the admission. Here a great role plays family values ??and attitude to education in general.


 To help you choose the best option suitable for you or for your children and assist in getting a place there is a task of our company specialists. All you need is to contact us and you will get a unique opportunity to enter the best educational institutions in Spain with further training in the best universities of the world.


  What are the admission requirements?

 To arrange a child in kindergarten, school, college or university, you need to prepare a certain number of documents, have some knowledge and testimonials. Up to 3 years old a child learns basic education skills in kindergarten, it is followed by primary schools. Primary school facilities take 3 year-old kids, but the most talented kids are admitted even earlier - starting with 1.8-2 years old. This is necessary to provide the kid with basic knowledge and skills for easier further education. Indeed, at such an early age it would be easier for a child to develop necessary makings and learn several languages.


 As far as language problem is concerned, it is necessary to mention that it's not as difficult as it seems. For children up to 7 years the knowledge of Spanish language is not a requirement to be admitted to the school. At this age, the child is able to adapt themselves and learn a language quickly and easily when communicating with peers. This usually occurs within 1-2 months. If you want a teenager to go to Spanish school, you have to organize language courses well in advance.



 Kindergartens in Spain are available for kids from 3 months to 3 years old. Here kids get not only  daily care, but also play get some education basics in a playful way to interest the kid and develop its mental abilities and teach languages - Spanish, Catalan and English.


 Kindergartner focus on the overall development of these areas:

 - Physical training;

 - Social adaptation;

 - Intellectual development;

 - Learning self-sufficiency.


 Depending on the institution, kids are left here for the entire day or may have a shortened day - 3-6 hours in kindergarten. Often there are kindergartens supervised by schools or colleges to prepare kids for further education there.



 As for schools, it’s not so simple there. Education in schools may be very different even on by the number of subjects taught. It basically depends on the location of the school, as there are about 55-65% of subjects common for each one, while the rest is specified by local authorities. It means, some subjects are obligatory for learning, but the rest of them depend on the particular school. The rating scale at schools has 10 points. Already at schools advanced language studies start, on average school students learn about 4-5 languages.


The following languages are taught at schools:

  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • English;
  • German;
  • French.


 Children and teenagers go to school up to the age of 18. During this period most attention is paid to the general study of the world, physical and creative development, language learning, and the basics of math. Other subjects may be added depending on the specialization of a particular school.



 School years are followed by years in college, which is a compulsory education step. This compulsory education lasts an average of 3 years. Entering a good college is rather a difficult task. In colleges the last few years are especially different as there are few common subjects for all of them.

 During this period, students continue learning foreign languages, more exact and natural sciences are added in the curriculum.  Besides, more disciplines on creative and cultural development are introduced; therefore a lot of special subjects are added to the education program in colleges.


      Higher education

  The choice of higher education institution should be treated with extreme care. In addition, the competition to enter a university is very high. It won’t be easy to start your studies and it's mandatory to take entrance exams. Depending on the specialty, there are different exams you need to pass. You also need to collect the necessary documents – and at this point our company can help you.


 As a result, entering Spanish university, students get a lot of opportunities and prospects, including the European diploma of higher education and internships in the USA. For these graduates a lot of employment options are available, not only in Spain but also in the entire European Union.

Contact our company and our experts will help you make the right choice!



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