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Preparation and execution of foreign economic contract in Spain

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  Type: Foreign economic activity


   Turnaround timefromto 20 days


 To expand business in Spain or Europe, it is necessary to competently carry out international external activities. Business performance should be completely legal in order to avoid problems with regulatory bodies of Spain and the European Union in general. You need to know the international law and the laws of the country or region at the proper level. Foreign trade activities management, such as purchase or sale of goods requires help of experienced specialists - the lawyers of our company, in the form of advice and effective support. This will guarantee absence of problems with legislation and your being able to run your business without penalties and other sanctions.


        We provide:

  - Advice on foreign trade contracts;

 - Help in executing foreign trade contracts;

 - Advice, executing and support of international deals;

 - Preparation of documents for international transactions;

 - Preparation of foreign trade contracts and transactions;

 - Assistance for proper and effective foreign trade activity;

 - Other services required for international transactions.


 The cost of our services is quite democratic, depending on the urgency, the number of services required and possible additional costs. But anyway - it would be much more profitable than engaging in foreign trade without proper competence in this field.


     The concept of foreign trade contract and its meaning


Foreign trade contract refers to any transaction that is made between parties of different citizenship. It can be a simple purchase agreement - sale of goods or provision of services but it should take place on an international scale to be called a foreign trade contract. This way any transport services, sale and delivery of goods or acquisition of intellectual property are provided.

 Under such contracts the parties are individuals or legal entities, both residents and non-residents.

  The conclusion of such contracts requires compliance with the legislation, the availability of certain documents, and possibly translation and legalization. You should know which goods can be sold on the territory of Spain, which terms and conditions are acceptable, and which of them will make the deal null and void. To understand the details you may require qualified help of professional lawyers and attorneys.


     Required items of the foreign trade contract


Any contract is drawn up depending on specific situation and requirements of the company. Its form, look and content are determined by the legislation, but there is some information that should necessarily be in all contracts and agreements.


    In the foreign trade contract must be indicated as follows:


- Information about counterparties;

- Subject of the contract - the goods or service;

- Conditions for transaction implementation - terms of delivery;

 - Terms and (if necessary) place of delivery;

 - Value of the contract subject - the price for goods sale and delivery, the total sum of contract;

 - The object of the contract and how to specify money receive;

 - Payment methods;

 - Guarantees and liquidated damages - if someone does not comply with terms and conditions;

 - The rules of court actions;

 - Force-majeure and insurance.

  Such details of the contract will help to make a deal and to ensure its implementation and protection of rights if one of the parties fails to carry out their obligations. This is one of the compelling reasons for using the assistance of lawyers when drafting such contracts and explaining rights and obligations that are acquired by signing such an agreement.


     The following items should be considered and possibly included on the contract:


  - The language of contract used for this and subsequent documents related to the implementation of the transaction;

  - Opportunity to provide changes of the contract – by an additional agreement;

  - The procedure for disputes settlement according to legislation;

  - Assignment;

  - The legal consequences;

  - Termination of contract on a bilateral basis;

  - Full information about the parties.


Support by SpainHouse Company lawyers at the conclusion of foreign trade contracts, will ensure full compliance with your interests and minimizing possible misunderstandings that may occur in the event of failure of one of the parties or in other situations. In addition, our experienced lawyers will advise on customs and foreign exchange control.

 When the deal is accompanied by our experts, we guarantee detailed working of the main contract provisions, the essential conditions and other things that will help ensure that your rights. We guarantee including advantageous details in the contract to guarantee your interests. All items of foreign trade contracts will meet the requirements of existing legislation.

We have rich experience in drawing up foreign trade contracts, so you can avoid many of the problems faced by the majority of customers. The more of your interests will be thought out and taken into account - the more assured you can be in compliance with obligations under the contract, as it clearly minimizes all incidental issues. You can rely on complete expert advice on legal nuances and issues related to the conclusion and implementation of trade contracts.



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