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   Real Estate Investments in Spain


   Type: Investments in property, the establishment of a business plan


   Accompanying time: Individually


 Real estate investing has always been profitable. Of course, before taking this decision it is necessary to calculate all the risks to make such investment reasonable and profitable.


 In the European real estate market Spain is considered to be one of the most successful countries for investing. All global investors evaluate real estate in Spain as attractive investment. It means that the real value of Spanish property is higher and with time the cost of the acquired real estate is going to grow. If you invest your money in Spanish real estate, the benefits will be obvious. SpainHouse Company specialists advise on how invest in real estate right due to their broad experience in this field.  


  Aspects of the right investment


  In order to calculate the risks correctly and make the right choice it is not enough to be a good economist and understand the economic performance of Spain. In addition it is necessary to know a lot more details. Again, you won’t be able to do without knowing the language, and in this deal you can trust companies with impeccable reputation. We have been working in the Spanish market for many years, while our business-projects for real-estate investment bring sustainable income.


 Besides having excellent language skills and knowledge in legislation, you should be well-versed in the informal geographical details, what is quite difficult a thing if you are not a permanent resident of Spain. Each district has its top places as well as surroundings with less promising reputation, where it is better not to buy any property. Besides, every district in Spain is different. Basically it is a resort country, so this is the first thing you need to pay attention to. You need to know the popular recreation areas that attract tourists the most. It is equally important to know places where there is nothing attractive for the tourism sector.


 It also would be great to be aware of the economic performance of the region you are planning to invest your money in. Make sure you would be able compare different predictions both for the real estate value in the area and for the economic situation in general. For sure you need a profound business-plan and you can create one using the assistance of our company specialists.


   What types of real estate it is better to invest in?

 - Auction property;

 - Bank property;

 - Apartment buildings;

 - Hotels;

 - Entertainment centers;

 - Commercial real estate for offices;

 - Restaurants and bars;

 - Parking lots and so on.

  There is a difference, in what type of market to buy property. If you buy an object in the secondary market, be sure this real estate has already shown its potential in the market, you can find information about all the benefits you get and it is clear what is missing there. All these details can be found only by professionals, as property owners are interested to sell their objects faster and will share only most favorable the information about it. It is almost impossible to find objective information for an outsider.

 Also, our experts objectively analyze the profitability level, the state of the object, the quality of building materials and amortization. All these information will be sent to your before your visit. We provide you with a complete and advanced report on any real estate objects you are interested in.


 If you choose the primary market for real estate investment, there are other options available. You can either buy a ready facility or and invest in the projects that are under construction. You can learn about the profitability of each option from expert analysts working for our company. You can safely rely on our forecasts and expert analysis, as in our practice, there are many successful projects already bringing income to its investors.


New ready facilities are advantageous, as they can immediately be rented out providing you with steady income immediately.


Projects under construction are advantageous too, as during the project stage you can make adjustments that will increase your profits in the near future. Besides, your investment will be considerably less, because you buy property under construction. After the ready object commissioning you may either sell the property or lease it – we can find buyers or leaseholders for you. In this case the terms of investment is longer comparing to the terms of investment for ready objects. We understand that every single customer has individual needs; therefore our experts are ready to provide you with interesting options from the real estate investment database of our company.


 What places in Spain it is better to choose for investment?


 Since Spain is a resort country, the most luxurious places are available at the Costa Brava, and of course - Barcelona, ??which combines the rhythm of the modern city and resort vacation. Here come crowds of tourists, who need a comfortable and memorable stay. In these places it would be most advantageous to buy residential real estate of any type, the closer to the sea shore, the better. Also it would be great to invest finances in the entertainment sector, because tourists will certainly need entertainment and sightseeing. Such types of investment are recommended by our experts first.


 In the cities located far away from the sea shore, it would be advantageous to invest in commercial real estate, car parking areas and so on. Of course, if comparing real estate at the coast and at the continent, the first one would be much more profitable. It will be easier and faster to obtain income from them.


  How can our specialists help you?


 Contacting the SpainHouse Company you can get a full range of services:

  - Investment guarantees;

 - Complete paperwork for the investment;

 - Assistance of translators and specialists;

 - Completely transparent conditions and legal clarification of all the details;

 - Economic analysis and technical assessment;

 - Complete objective analysis of all the objects and projects;

 - Reports on the projects;

 - Expert advice;

 - Support of transactions;

 - Any other assistance necessary (even after the purchase).

 Our company efficiently provides all kinds of services ordered by our customers and keeps the service standards at the high level.



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