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  Customer legal support in Spain

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  Type: Legal support


   Time: from 2 hours


 Spain is a state where it is difficult to do without proper legal support in case you’re not just a tourist (although there can be situations where tourists need it too). If you are in Spain to purchase real estate or to launch your business legal support plays a great role. Assistance of qualified lawyers of our company will help you to fully understand the essence of the matter, provide correct estimation and get deeper into legal nuances that help you do the paperwork the proper way.

  For a foreigner traveling to another country for any business purposes or for property acquisition is a very complicated process that undoubtedly requires legal support.

 Professional assistance of SpainHouse company includes presence of an experienced lawyer and an interpreter at any negotiations for you to make every detail brilliant clear. An experienced lawyer is simply irreplaceable at a business meeting, as this person is aware of all ins and outs of Spanish law, which means that they will be able to explain your rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of certain transactions and contracts. This will help to fully protect your interests and follow the right way.


    Business support

 If you are going to do business in Spain, it would be difficult to do without an experienced lawyer. This is beneficial at all stages of registering a legal entity.


   With legal support, you can easily achieve the following objectives:

   - Translate the documents;

   - Legalize documents;

   - Obtain necessary documents, certificates and licenses in the bodies of Spain;

   - Open an account at a Spanish bank;

   - Register a legal entity (any organizational form);

   - Conduct business negotiations;

   - Make deals, contracts;

   - Negotiate and solve problems with the supervisory bodies (Tax Office, Migration Office);

   - Make changes to the statutory documents and register them anew;

   - Get legal support in court.

  Support of our lawyer will help you to avoid many mistakes and solve the disputes. Service maintenance is cheaper than fines or sanctions applied to violators of the law.


      Legal support when buying real estate


 If you decide to invest in Spanish property, our services are of great importance to you. With the help of our company you will get some guarantees and feel confident about rules and regulations of Spanish law. With our legal support, you can be sure to get best results. We assist in all stages of real estate acquisition: up to concluding the transaction at the notary. Legal support is a must to be able to conclude transactions on real estate in Spain. It is about large sums of money, so you should understand all legal nuances to be sure both in the seller and in the real estate.


    We provide the following services for purchasing real estate in Spain:

 - Professional advice on all issues;

 - Assistance in real estate selection according to your wishes;

 - Checking the selected object in the registry on the absence alienation prohibitions, encumbrance and other nuances that can prevent its sale;

 - Negotiations with the seller;

 - Assistance in obtaining a NIE for a foreigner, passport translation;

 - Paperwork for the transaction with translation and legalization services, if necessary;

 - Opening a bank account;

 - Checking the main contract of sale in accordance with the laws of Spain and assistance in making the down payment;

 - Support of the transaction at the notary provided by an experienced lawyer who will explain the rights and obligations arising out of this contract;

 - Assistance in the right preparation and submitting a declaration to the local tax authority, validation of all taxes paid;

 - Assistance in transactions registration in the property registries, obtaining a document confirming the right of ownership of the new owner.

  We guarantee full security, privacy and legal purity of the transaction; you have nothing to worry about, as our company will take care of everything. With us, you will purchase real estate on fully transparent and clear conditions.


    Legal support of a notary and other representatives


 You may need to get some documents at the notary, such as power of attorney, consent or authorization - and we can help you to do this without any problems. There are certain cases when an urgent need to give power of attorney to a third party, without having to travel to their country, but foreigners are not so easy to issue power of attorney in Spain, especially without assistance of a certified interpreter. We offer our services on issuing the power of attorney, informing you on all the details of the process. Our staff can act as interpreters helping to legitimize the power of attorney for being valid in other countries.

  We also provided legal support and legalization of documents. Here you can order a translation with Apostille or simply a translation certified by a sworn translator as an additional service. Support by our experienced lawyers and advocates, will give you full confidence in any situations.

 Our company can help in any legal action in Spain, just contact us.



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