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  Getting a residence permit in Spain

      from 4500

   Type: Residence permit


   Period: from 60 to 90 days


 In order to be able to live in Spain, you should get a residence permit. But execution and submission of documents to the consulate for a hearing on granting a residence permit - it is not a piece of cake. Getting a residence permit with the help of SpainHouse company is a great deal in many aspects - our specialists will prepare a complete package of documents in a short time and you are guaranteed to get a desired result.


     Information about residence permit in Spain

 First of all you need to understand what are necessary things to do in your case. Everything depends on the duration of stay that you need. Registration of residence permit take time and effort. Therefore, if you want to reside in Spain up to six months, it would be easier and cheaper to get a Schengen visa for 12 months with the help of our specialists. There is one more thing: residence permit requires that you stayed in Spain for at least 180 days a year.

 The card of a residence permit is valid for one year if issued for the first time. If you violate this requirement, the further extension of the residence permit will become impossible. Hence if you want to live in Spain for a term longer than six months – it will meet your requirements. When renewing a residence permit the card is issued for 2 years, for the third issue - for 3 years.

 In addition, the residence permit can be with or without the right to work. With the help of company you will be able to issue the one that suits you best.

  Residence permit without the right to work means that you can’t be hired in Spain. That is, you can easily work as a freelancer and get income. This type of residence permit allows you to launch your business in Spain. It is possible either to create a legal entity, and to become a sole proprietor. Creating new working places in Spain is welcome. If you decide to invest your capital in the existing business or a new business idea – that would be possible even having a residence permit without the right to get employed. In this case, you will be in the status of the company founder, and for your company to operate you are to hire a general director, a person with the right to be employed.

 It is a bit more difficult to get a residence permit with the right to work, but it is worth noting that SpainHouse company can do it! In addition, when your residence permit is renewed, you are provided with the right to work automatically.


  For registration of a residence permit in Spain you should undergo the following procedures:


  • Translation, certification and legalization of documents;
  • Obtaining a certificate of good conduct;
  • Undergoing a medical examination in an accredited hospital and obtaining a health certificate;
  • To take a certificate of indebtedness;
  • To have an account in a Spanish bank or open it by depositing the appropriate amount for a one-year stay (calculated each year);
  • To have a residential property or official lease for a term not less than one year, with possible prolongation;
  • To have a certificate of official income, which could cover the accommodation and is stable for 3 years or more;
  • To have a term of residence in Spain;
  • To write letter to the consul, containing a free-form justified reason for the need to obtain a residence permit.


       Details associated with documents execution

  It is worth noting that to execute this standard package of documents and to get it timely is not an easy thing to do. In addition, each reference has the period of validity. For example, there are rare cases when a person does not know about non-paying of some tax and can’t receive a certificate of indebtedness. Sometimes it happens that a person paid the debt, but forgot about paying penalties. There are a lot of situation like this, and people just lose time and have to obtain a lot of documents again.


It is necessary to pay attention to the transfer of certification and legalization. Trust only proven companies that can save you from many problems. The fact that not every translation and certification meets the requirements of the Consulate of Spain, and incorrectly completed documents will be guaranteed to cause refusal in issue a residence permit. Work only with professionals.

It is necessary to open an account in a Spanish bank, but banking institutions are not likely to do that right away. Our company has extensive networking with most banks in Spain, so you can open an account in any bank you would like to.

 You also need to provide properly executed documents of property ownership or contract for rental property. Our experts in this area can advise you on this problem.

 Despite the fact the letter should be written in a free form, it must still contain reasoned reasons for your desire to obtain Spanish residency permit. Just the desire to live in Spain is not enough and will case a rejection of your application. You definitely need a competent motivation letter and you may use the assistance of our lawyers.


    The benefits of contacting SpainHouse company:


 - Professional services and experienced lawyers;

 - Individual approach;

 - Timeliness;

 - Certain guarantees in obtaining a residence permit as quickly as possible;

 - Help in execution of documents or registering them in your name;

 - Correct translation for appropriate certification and legalization;

 - Assistance in finding real estate or executing the rental contract;

 - Help at all stages of obtaining residence permits and consultations;

 - Qualified interpretation of all documents, to keep you informed of what is happening;

 - Solution of your problems;

 - Saving your time and money;

Just contact us – and guaranteed get what you always wanted in no time!


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