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   Executing and receiving NIE in Spain  

        from 250 €

  Type: Receiving N.I.E


  Receiving Time: from 5 to 7 days


  Performing a variety of legal actions in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain all organizations need the NIE.

 NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero) means tax identification number used for taking account of non-resident taxpayers.

 NIE is assigned by state tax authorities of Spain.

 Our lawyers and attorneys take care of all the issues associated with obtaining NIE in Spain. It will save you a lot of efforts for correct preparation and delivery of the necessary documents. Everything will be executed for you and you will get a great result.

 The identification number of a foreigner consists of 9 characters, one Latin letter at the beginning and the end, and 7 digits in the middle. This unique combination is issued for the approval certificate.

 If you obtain a residence permit in Spain the NIE assigned automatically, in case a positive decision on granting a residence permit is taken. This same procedure takes place at the opening of a student visa.

  For other non-residents NIE obtaining happens on their own initiative, non-residents need it to carry out legal action.


     What is NIE?


  NIE is obtained both by individuals and legal entities - non-residents of Spain. Tax identification number is necessary to make a business, as well as for many other financial or social aspects.


    Financial operations:


 - Opening a bank account;

 - Registration of legal entity (self-employed entrepreneurship or LLC);

 - Real estate purchase;

 - Property rent;

 - Buying a car;

 - Other.


     Where to get a NIE?


 If an individual, who wants to obtain a NIE, lives in Spain, the number is received according to the residence address – after the documents of this person are checked at the Immigration Spain International Lawyers.


    How can a NIE be obtained?


You can get this certificate with the help of our lawyers, as well as order this service on a “turnkey” basis without the personal presence. In this case, you give the notarized power of attorney to our lawyer.


   Documents required for obtaining a NIE

To assign an identification number it is necessary to submit documents to the responsible body.


   List of necessary documents:


  - Passport - a document that confirms your identity and citizenship - if necessary translation;

 - A document confirming the need to obtain a NIE;

 - A statement executed and submitted in accordance with approved standards.

  It is not always possible to obtain a document confirming the need to obtain a NIE, there are some nuances in this question. Most often NIE is obtained when setting up a legal entity by a resident of Spain or when buying real estate. Our lawyers advise on all these issues.


    Obtaining a NIE

Keep in mind that the procedure of obtaining a NIE is not the same for all non-residents. The procedure for obtaining an identification number is different for residents and non-residents of EU-countries.


     How we can help to obtain a NIE in Spain?


 - We organize, prepare and submit all the necessary documentation;

 - Correctly fill out the application;

 - Accompany you to the application procedure (if there is no notarized power of attorney signed by you);

 - Accompany you during the obtaining procedure and help you obtain a NIE with authorization.


   NIE turnaround time


 For European Union residents (non-residents of Spain) the registration of the identification number occurs within 2-3 business days after submission of documents to the immigration authorities.

 For other non-residents it takes between 5 and 10 working days after documentation submission.


  How can EU citizens get a NIE in Spain?


 A citizen of a country within the European Union may freely and without additional documentation to enter and reside in Spain for a while. If the period of stay exceeds 3 months, it is necessary to take the compulsory registration in the register of foreigners Registro Central de Extranjero and obtain an identification number for a foreigner.


    NIE certificate terms


 The NIE number itself is assigned only once, but the certificate has an expiration date. It is 90 days from the date of issue. The NIE number is assigned permanently, but the certificate must be periodically updated as necessary.

 To update the certificate you need to apply the same set of documents and confirm the need for the issuance of a new certificate once again.

 In order to understand all the issues and receive detailed advice – consult the SpainHouse Company. Our specialists can accompany you or provide you with a NIE certificate on a turnkey basis. You will receive a certificate of NIE as soon as possible.



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