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  Making insurance in Spain

      from 200

  Type: Medical insurance, property insurance, car insurance and business insurance


    Accompanying time: Individually


  Health – is one of the most important things in life. Medical institutions in Europe are known for their high level of individual patient care, advanced equipment and professionalism of doctors and medical staff. Best physicians with diplomas and great experience, education and talent work here, as prestigious European clinics have strict selection of specialists. Receiving medical care in such clinics perhaps is the best option for your health.

  Spain is one of the best countries in Europe in terms of patient care. Clients from around the world prefer to get treatment here. In Spain high-quality medical care is combined with reasonable costs. It really sets this country among others. All clinics have high-quality equipment and employ the best medical graduates.

 Health care in Spain is always paid, so the best option is to get a medical insurance, which will provide an opportunity to undergo treatment as well as simple examination in medical institutions. To get necessary information about all that you can contact SpainHouse Company.


       Who can be insured?

 In Spain anyone can get insured, because the price of co-insurance is low enough and is worth a visit to a doctor. Insurance companies provide their services not only to Spanish residents, but to everyone including foreigners and tourists. It is noteworthy, that according to the statistics on insurance, in Spain more than 95 % of the population are insured.

  If you come here to do business or you are planning to live in Spain, you will need a compulsory insurance. A guided tour does not provide compulsory health insurance; however, in this case you can also get insured if you wish. Since the situations are different and the help of a medical professional should always be fast, you should know which institution to address in your situation. For each activity in Spain, you will need at least a partial insurance. Even for obtaining residence permits in Spain, it is necessary to enter into a contract with an insurance company.


 The annual cost of insurance in calculated depending on the age, sex, health status and other factors. But in Spain the prices are considered to be affordable enough.


      What type of insurance to prefer?

  The insurance business is well developed here and the competition is great. The range of services and insurance covers are different, so you need the assistance of our experts in order to choose a profitable insurance policy that meets your requirements. It is worth noting that clinical treatment is usually covered by insurance that is specified in the contract. That is, you need to carefully choose not only the insurance company, but also read the contract clauses. In this case, our staff can fully advise you.

 You can get insured either at the state or at a private insurance company. In case you prefer state insurance companies you should have a contract for working in Spain and residence permit.

  State insurance covers only the services of public hospitals, so the best option would be private insurance, which makes it possible to receive medical help in any medical institution.


 Yet, in case of insurance you should take into account that there are many conditions to follow to have the opportunity to take advantage of free medical services. For example, medical care associated with childbirth becomes available after 8 months after the conclusion of the insurance contract. In fact, insurance is for the free medical service in case of force-majeure. We will explain you everything about that and give professional advice.


       Types of insurance:

 - Insurance of motor vehicles and motorcycles;

 - Real estate insurance;

 - Insurance of boats and yachts;

 - Business insurance;

 - Health insurance.


    Our insurance services

  Assistance in insurance services rendered by our professionals is important, but you should keep in mind that is be better to get insured at well-known and reputable companies. Each insurance company has its own specifics. Otherwise, if there is an insurance case, when you urgently have the need for medical intervention, there may be obstacles for receiving free full coverage by insurance companies. We will provide you with a list of best organizations in the field of insurance services, which have an impeccable reputation and fulfill all the items of the contract in accordance your insurance certificate. Insurance certificates are different and it is necessary to analyze all the services provided.

 It is necessary to understand the conditions of an insurance contract. Our experts will explain everything in detail to you, so that this agreement was fully transparent and understandable. To analyze the contract and fully understand its points according to the Spanish legislation you will need assistance of our experienced lawyers who have experience in this field. SpainHouse Company will help you get an advantageous insurance at a low cost. Contact us for getting insured in Spain.



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