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Beautiful Valencia

 Valencia, Spain, is a beautiful city, nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean. It attracts thousands of tourists by its luxury beaches, vibrant nightlife and by the opportunity to have a comfortable and memorable stay.

 Valencia has a long history. Originally the town was called "Valentia". This name was given to the city by the Romans, great conquerors. They also turned the city into a booming cultural and commercial center.



Later owners of Valencia were Visigoths, who almost stopped the prosperity of the city. But with the arrival of the Muslims in the year 718, Valencia has become a rapidly growing and progressing city again.

 Over time, the city became the capital of the Arab kingdom until it appeared under the reign of Spanish King James.




The climate of Valencia can be characterized as nice warm summer days and relatively mild winters with strong winds and bright sunshine.

The best time to travel to this beautiful city is considered to be in the first autumn months. At this time gentle sunbeams and warm sea provide tourists with a lot of positive emotions.

Spring is also a great period for the trip. At this time numerous cafes and restaurants open their summer patios and a lot of amazing annual festivals both for guests and city residents.

In winter there is not much warm in Valencia, but it’s still a good season for visiting various historical and architectural attractions and enjoying the atmosphere of the city. It will contribute to a great vacation full of bright and unforgettable impressions.


         Sea shore and beaches


  Beaches of Valencia are quiet and comfortable; they stretch along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea for many kilometers and make a great place for sunbathing and lounge lovers.

 Right at the sea shore you can find many restaurants and cafes able to meet the requirements of the most refined traveler.


Urban beaches attract holidaymakers with lots of active rest options. They offer sports, playgrounds, and beach discos for fans of noisy parties.

 Pinedo, El Saler beach in Valencia is a very nice and cozy place, protected from the wind, with fine and clean sand and Mediterranean plants around. It is a great place for those who prefer relaxation in seclusion and appreciate peaceful and quiet vacation.

 A lot of Valencia beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag, as the most environmentally friendly beaches in Europe.




   One of the most interesting and recognizable city sights is the ancient building - a chapel built in the West Gothic style. The original building was a prison, now it is the holy place with the relics of St. Vincent. Tourists are welcome to see a movie that vividly describes the history of Valencia and St. Vincent.

Built in the Middle Ages and located in the town square, the Catholic cathedral of La Seo is striking in its unique architecture and intricate shapes. Built in Baroque style, it has elements of the Romanesque style on the south side, and Gothic style on the north wall. The interior of the cathedral is famous for valuable paintings Palomino and Goya, as well as for frescoes by the protégé of famous Leonardo da Vinci - Fernando de Llanos – all that will impress even worldly-wise tourists.


 In Valencia you can take a look at the historic part of the city from a bird's eye view when visiting the 68-meter high bell tower, called Torre del Miguelete.

Travel to Valencia is impossible to imagine without visiting a huge circular structure in the neoclassical style. This city sight, a reminiscent of the Roman Colosseum, was used as a school for bullfighters. In March, the Fallas festival is held here, so if you visit Valencia in spring you have a chance to see a real Spanish bullfight with your own eyes.


 Valencia has a unique urban area where bike paths, fountains, soccer fields that are located at the bottom of the river. After severe flooding happened in the XX century that killed hundreds of people, the Turia river was partially drained and planted with trees. Nevertheless its bridges remained as a reminder of the misfortune once befallen the city.



 Playa de la Malvarosa is a beach, visited by the famous Hemingway. Wide and spacious beach with clean golden sand - it attracts with its beauty and grandeur. Local restaurants and cafés are wonderful places to taste delicious Mediterranean food, where fish and seafood are the main favorites.


Among other sights of Valencia there are Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Ceramics, Oceanography Centre and many other cultural and historical attractions, which are able to broaden the horizons and reveal something unknown before.


Entertainment in Valencia is represented by bright and active nightlife with dozens of interesting events, party nights and new acquaintances. The quarter of Carmen is a place that is considered to be the center of the city's nightlife. Restaurants, bars with different music to any taste, nightclubs and discos will make your vacation unforgettable.


For tourists who enjoy calm and peaceful places with wonderful spirit of romance there is Malvarosa beach – a nice place for a romantic dinner.

Valencia is a romantic fairy-tale city that energizes you and makes your holiday unforgettable!