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 Opening an account in a Spanish Bank  

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 Type: Account in a Spanish Bank


  Keeping money in European banks – is a very good option, as these banks have a long-standing good reputation.

 Some customers just want to deposit their capital with a bank of Spain, while others need a bank account to launch their businesses. In Spain there are many banks you can safely trust, but which one is better and more beneficial for you to choose?

 In order to open a bank account in Spain, you should have all of required documents.


  SpainHouse Company would be glad to help you choose your bank in Spain and provide you with all necessary information on how to open a bank account without the required entry into Spain. Your interests in Spain may be represented by our lawyer acting according to notarized power of attorney, signed by you. Our company will deal with all necessary documents and you will get a bank account in your name in Spanish Bank.


  The list of banks in Spain our company has been cooperating for a long time is listed below:

 - La Caixa;                                             - La Banco Sabadell;

 - Banco Santander;                             - Caja Madrid;

 - Bankinter;                                          - Cajamar;

 - CatalunyaCaixa;                                - Banco Popular;

 - Bank of Spain;                                   - Banco Caminos;

 - Banesto;                                              - Colonya;

 - Bankia;                                                - BNP Paribas;

 - BBVA;                                                 - Banco Pastor

  These banks are very popular and reliable; some of them have more than 200 year history – that is a very good guarantee for any investor. Keeping your money in such a bank you can be sure everything will be ok. The minimum amount of deposit or any other requirements are set independently by each bank.

 Non-residents who already have accommodation in Spain or individuals having a residence permit need less documents to open a bank account in Spain. In case you belong to neither of these categories it may seem a bit challenging to meet all the requirements and fill out all the papers. If you have neither an idea about the procedure, nor experience in this field, you may spend a lot of time and all your efforts may be in vain. Therefore, we recommend you contact the professionals who can help you open a bank account. SpainHouse lawyers have great experience – they have successfully opened more than one hundred bank accounts for our customers, so they are aware of all the important details.  


  Here is the list of documents for opening a bank account:


- International passport;

- A document confirming your registration;

- Tax identification number – NIE, that should be obtained at tax authorities in advance;

- PIT document for the last two years;

- A certificate from tax authorities on proper tax payment for the previous year;

- A certificate of employment, indicating the position and duration of work in the organization;

- A certificate from the bank on the availability of open accounts;

- Testimonials from your bank;

- Credit history;

- If the account is opened for a legal person - all the statutory documents of the company.


 Depending on the bank, you may need to provide additional documents and information, as Spanish authorities have strict control over possible “money laundering”.

 Improper execution and submission of documents is a guaranteed failure, because banks are allowed to reject even for formal reasons, in case any information is incorrect or not confirmed.


 SpainHouse  Company takes all that into account as it works with banks for many years, has extensive experience in this business and, therefore, guarantees to open an account on your behalf.

 Many believe that opening an account in a foreign bank and opening an offshore account is the same thing - but it's not. You can open an account both in a foreign bank and in the offshore bank. Each has its advantages and quirks. You should go into details to find out what is right for you.


   Opening an account in a Spanish bank


 Most customers purchase or set up a company in Spain to have an account in a foreign bank, because it provides are a number of benefits:


- Capital deposit;

- Operations with foreign partners;

- Keeping your money in reliable and time-tested banks;

- Open and customer-friendly cash management;

- Confidentiality.


 It would be much easier to open a bank account in case an individual owns a company registered in Spain. The thing is that such a company is a resident in Spain, even if it was set up by a non-resident. Therefore, a legal person - is a resident, so there will be no difficulties or additional documents necessary to open an account.


   Opening an account in a Spanish offshore bank


 Offshore banks are not so picky to their depositors are more loyal to customers. But it is important to understand that banks with brilliant reputation are not very much enthusiastic about cooperation offshore banks, so it is best to have two bank accounts, for different needs. These offshore areas are perceived as a “tax heaven”, because offshore organizations ensure total privacy and keeping confidential information from control bodies.


   The advantages of offshore banking institutions:


- The possibility of creating a large number of accounts in any currency;

- Complete privacy;

- Low service tariffs;

- Special accounts for entrepreneurs with flexible rates and transfer system;

- Currency conversion with reasonable interest rate.


 For some operations you may open an offshore bank account, but keeping a serious amount of money there is not recommended. To deposit large capital it is better to choose banks with a great history and an excellent reputation.

 Based on the pros and cons of banks in Spain, you can decide what type of account you need, because you can order account opening both in a Spanish reliable bank and in an offshore bank at the same time.

 We will provide you with all the necessary information that will help you decide what bank and what type of account you really need. Contact us and be sure to get the whole range of services, solutions to any issues and complete privacy as soon as possible!



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