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   Registration of companies in Spain    

      from  1600 €

  Type: Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada - S.L.

              Sociedad Anonima - S.A.

              Sociedad Comanditaria por Acsiones - S.C.A


   Turnaround time: from 10 to 18 days


  You want to launch a new business in Spain or to expand an existing one - you need to register a company. A company incorporated in Spain, regardless of the fact it was incorporated by residents or non-residents, has the status of resident company, therefore it can fully engage in business activities both in Spain and abroad. To register a new company in Spain you should have some time and patience. Only after a full package of documents is ready – you still have to wait for registration, which usually takes from 7 to 15 days.

Our company provides the opportunity to launch and register a legal entity in two ways:

  • Visiting Spain and signing all the papers or staying in your country and having all the bureaucracy done on a “turnkey” basis

All the necessary procedures will be carried out on your behalf through the authorization form. All you need - is to issue power of attorney for our lawyer. The power of attorney needs to be translated into Spanish and undergo the international Apostille procedure.

The power of attorney issued in accordance with international law provides our company with the right to carry out the registration of your company.


    Points you should think of before registering your company in Spain

 The most common form of legal entity in Spain is Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada. This form is the analog of LLC legal entity form or something similar.

Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada in Spain is the best form of organization for foreign founders.

To create a company in Spain there should be a minimum of one founder: it could be both legal or natural person. The capital is attracted by the fact that you can create a business with 100% non-resident founders, the law allows it. To become a founder, you must obtain an identification number (NIE) and a fiscal number (NIF). You also need to determine whether a license is needed for your activity.


    The authorized capital and bank account

The minimum share capital for LLC in Spain is 3006 € that must be on the company’s bank account at the time of official registration in the appropriate registering body in Spain.

 All companies registered in Spain, must have an account in a Spanish bank. You can get a bank account by issuing the law of attorney for our company lawyers that will do that on your behalf without your personal presence.

Requirements for the company name:

  - It should be unique, chosen name check takes about 7 days. After it is possible to reserve the name for 10 days;

 - The full name of the company shall contain the abbreviation Sociedad Limitada (legal entity form);

 - In case special words such as a bank or insurance company are added - additional permission is required.


      Legal address

  Every company must have its location - the legal address. The company must have a lease for commercial space with the specified address. This address is used for all company correspondence.


     Company Management

 In any company there should be at least one director performing the function of an executive body. The role of the director can be taken by a natural person, both resident and non-resident. Information about this person it is in the public domain. The founder has the right to be a director. There is no need for a director to be a citizen of Spain.

The important point is following: if the director of a non-resident, they must necessarily receive the NIE (an identification number) and have a residence permit in Spain with the right to work. All other positions are appointed at will.

Any Spanish company is compulsorily accountable for their activities, for maintaining its records and paying taxes. In addition to registration services firm, you can order accounting and auditing services, we will render assistance and advice in any cases, acting according to Spanish legislation


    The package of documents required for registration of companies in Spain:

 - Name;

 - The tax regime;

 - Account in a Spanish bank;

 - Share capital;

 - Paid state fee for opening a company;

 - The founding document Estatutos - Charter, which prescribes the organization and activities, which can be verified and certified by a notary;

 - The identification number (NIE);

 - The company's tax number (CIF), which was issued on the basis of the tax office Estatutos Hacienda Publica;

 - Document for the office;

 - Information about company founders.


    Company founder (in case it is an individual) provides the following personal information:

 - Full name;

 - Citizenship;

 - Date of birth;

 - Place of registration.


   The founder (in case it is a legal entity) provides all the statutory documents of the company, translated into Spanish and notarized.

 As a result, you get all the statutory documents for your company registered in Spain:

- Estatutos;

- A certificate of registration (including registration at the tax office);

- Minutes of the LLC meeting;

- All other documents - by arrangement.


 If you choose SpainHouse company to be your reliable partner in business registration - you are guaranteed to get a list of specified documents and register a company as soon as possible.

 Our experience makes it possible to register a company in Spain, on a “turnkey” basis, so we will give valuable advice in this area and help you find a way out in any difficult situation. We will act as your representatives in Spain, on your behalf and in your interest only. We take a fair payment for our services without any hidden fees and costs.



       Tel. + ( 34 )  722 - 495 - 040