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   Registration of sole proprietorship in Spain  

      from 500

  Type: Individual entrepreneur - Autonomo


   Turnaround time: from 5 to 10 days


 In order to start your business in Spain, you need to decide what legal form is most suitable for your case. The most common form for small business is sole proprietorship.

 The point here is connected with reasonable taxes: if annual income does not exceed a certain amount, the taxes won’t be high. In addition to VAT, there is a tax on income of natural persons called IRPF, which is charged progressively - the greater the income, the higher the percentage of tax.  Minimum IRPF interest rate is 24.75% for income up to 17 707,20 € per year. 


    Advantages of sole proprietorship in Spain:


- Full independence, independent decision-making;

 - Clear and simple taxation;

 - The amount of authorized capital is not specified.

  In case you already decided that you would like to register a sole proprietorship in Spain, you should pay attention to its proper registration, because lack of information may lead to certain difficulties as well as losing your time and money.


  To seamlessly launch and register a sole proprietorship is best to consult specialists of our company; we would be glad to help you set up a small business in Spain. We can help you sole proprietorship, including registration of a “turn-key” basis; therefore you don’t even have to visit Spain, all you need is to sign the notarized power of attorney for our lawyer to deal with everything in your name.

  For sole proprietorship registration you need to collect the necessary documents, go through some administrative formalities – we can do that quickly and easily as we have specific knowledge and experience.


  Here is the list of documents necessary for sole proprietorship registration:


 - NIE tax number and NIF fiscal number;

 - Register with the Hacienda tax office, as the payer of IVA (VAT) and IAE (tax on business activities);

 - To execute and submit a notice of your business activity commencement in the relevant state bodies;

 - Register with the Seguridad Social - Social Security Services;

 - Obtain all the necessary licenses associated with your future activities with the municipality bodies;

 - Pay a state fee for registering a sole proprietorship;

 - Register employees, if any;

 - Get included in the Registro Mercantil - Trade Register;

 - Purchase Libro de visitas – a Book of visits.


 These are basic steps to go through, without taking into account some additional steps that may be required in each individual case.


     Registration with the tax and social insurance office


 When registering sole proprietorship in Spain, it is necessarily required to register with the tax authorities as payers of certain taxes, as it is a commercial activity.

 The registration takes place at the local tax office depending on the geographical location of sole proprietorship office or physical registration of entrepreneur.

 For registration it is very important to choose the regime of operation.


    Regimes of operation of a sole proprietor in Spain:

 - profesional;

- empresarial;

  One of the abovementioned regimes is selected according to your planned activities. If your business requires certain skills and licenses to perform necessary activities, the professional regime is selected. For example, lawyers, accountants, doctors, translators, architects, artists, designers, and so on. That is, such a professional activity involves payments in the form of fees.


 If your work is connected with sales, repairs, production, and so one – it is necessary to specify the entrepreneurial regime.


 When choosing the operation regime, the IRPF is included in the invoice or receipt for services provided by a sole proprietor, when the entrepreneurial regime is selected the IRFP is not included.

  The registration procedure takes 5 to 10 days.


After that an individual has a month to register with the social insurance bodies. A special statement and the original certificate of registration in the IAE tax bodies is required.




The leased premises for your office should match your activity and the equipment in it must not violate the existing rules. If this premise is not appropriate, it is necessary to create a technical project and a license to carry out the necessary work.


   Additional procedures


 A must for sole proprietorship in Spain - is a Book of visits, but in addition, it requires at least one computer with Internet access, which will be capable of reading chip cards. For each office at least one working computer is required.


Registration in the Commercial Register is not required, but it is most often needed in accordance with your occupation. Almost every activity requires a special license and executing special forms of registration.

To correctly complete all these steps, you need to turn to professionals with extensive experience – SpainHouse company can help you register sole proprietorship quickly and easily without unnecessary financial costs.

   Company specialists are ready to advise you on all matters and help you with the right choice.



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