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   Schengen visa processing and receiving  

      from 350

  Type: Receiving Visa


   Turnaround time: from 5 to 14 days


 To visit Spain, for recreation, tourism or launching a business as well as for other purposes, requires a passport and a Schengen visa in case you are not a EU-citizen.

 To visit European countries people outside of EU need to receive a Schengen visa. After receiving it one is able to visit more than 25 countries of Schengen Agreement. A number of countries concluded this Agreement, according to which all countries-participants have the same rules for issuing visas to foreign citizens for the latter to enter their territory. Schengen Visa offers many opportunities to the owners. But it is not so easy to get it, since there are certain conditions and a package of documents is required just to apply for registration. Even preparing all the necessary documents doesn’t give 100% guarantee of obtaining a Schengen visa.

 SpainHouse company offers services for receiving a Schengen visa without unnecessary worries and problems. We have all the necessary contacts, a lot of experience and skills in processing visa documents. Even in difficult situations, we will find you out and arrange the necessary visa for you. We can help you get a Schengen visa quickly on a “turnkey” basis – all you need is to submit your application, and our specialists will advise you individually, collect the necessary documents and will process a visa to Spain or any other country in the stipulated time frame.


      Types of Schengen visas

 Visas differ on terms of visa validity and transfer permissions; therefore they are divided into categories. Before applying for visa, it is necessary to get acquainted with possible options or to get advice from our experienced specialists.


     Types of visas:


- Type A visa - airport - gives the right to stay exclusively at the airport, without the right to visit the country outside of the object;


 - Type B visa - transit - allows passing through the territory of countries-participants of the Schengen agreement, but the residence should not exceed 5 days;


 - Type C tourist visa - gives the right to stay and move freely in the countries-participants of the Schengen agreement within 90 days;


 - Type C multi visa - entitles an unlimited number of visits to the Schengen countries;


 - Type D visa - work - long-term visa, which gives the opportunity to live, as well as freely move within all the countries-participants of the Schengen agreement.


    Among all these types of visa the most appropriate for a vacation, business trip or for personal purposes is type C visa.


       C type visas can vary in duration there are several of them:


   - C1 - allows you to stay up to 30 days – perfect for a non-durable travel;


  - C2 - allows you to stay up to 90 days - for a trip lasting over one month;


  - C3 - allows you to repeatedly cross the border with a total stay of up to 90 days - for frequent trips throughout the year;


In some cases the Visa Application Centre reserves the right to issue a visa for a single or double visit, but in any case the trip cannot exceed a total of 90 days per period of 180 days, that is, you can stay in the country up to 3 months within 6 month time.


      Documents required for visa

 If you order services of our company – you won’t have to prepare a large package of documents, fill out the form in a foreign language and waste your time in queues.


    All we need to obtain a visa for you is the following:


  - Your signature on the application form (filled out in a foreign language);

  - Your valid passport with at least 2 blank pages;

  - Copies of your internal passport;

  - 2 photos on a white background;

  - Certificate from the employer about your position, income and granting leave for this period; for sole proprietors - the declaration and the certificate of registration; for unemployed - a statement of sponsorship; for children and senior citizens – extra certificates are required. It is discussed individually;

  - Bank statement of cash flows or a statement on the foreign currency purchase – min. 1,000€;

  - Notarized invitation to a private visit issued by an EU citizen - if any;

  - If relatives or children accompany you on this trip - you will need their personal documents.


 This is the standard minimum list of documents that can either increase or decrease depending on the situation. Other documents, payment of fees, booking of tickets, hotels, transfers, medical insurance and others, as well as all the copies we make ourselves and agree that with you.

  You should understand that we are asking a lot less paperwork than a Visa center, the rest of the required documents we prepare on our own, in agreement with you. You may order any additional services for preparing visa documents, if necessary, so the final price of the Schengen visa will be purely individual. 


    Schengen visa turnaround time

 Services and term will be discussed with every single customer individually, due to the fact it will affect the final cost of services and it depends on available documents. The turnaround time for receiving a visa may vary from a few days up to 3 weeks. You should understand that urgent services require extra fee. Everything is discussed individually. Contact us and we will provide the services you need!



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