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  Familiarization tour  "Real estate in Spain"

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   Type: Familiarization tour


   Accompanying time: Individually


 Spanish real estate is a lucrative and prestigious acquisition. But a picture is worth one thousand words. You should visit this country to make all your doubts fade away and get fascinated by the opportunity to become an owner of property in Spain.

 From the experience of SpainHouse company a fam-tour to Spain helps to quickly choose the desired real estate option and take the right decision. Indeed, the benefits of any single real estate option can be endless, you may look at photos and descriptions, but a clear demonstration is much better than words. To see the venue of your dream with your own eyes is a decisive factor when thinking over the opportunity to buy property abroad. It is very important to take a look at the property you are going to buy to make the right choice.


      Why do I need a fam-tour and why is it remarkable?

 Buying real estate in Spain is a serious step, so you should be prepared and be able to fully appreciate most attractive options. You can be sure our staff will inform you in detail about all objects that are available for sale in our database, no doubt. Take into consideration that a lot of tiny things, for example details of the internal and external condition of the object, neighbors, etc., can be found out only when you visit the venue in person, because general opinion is the result of our subjective evaluation.

 What is suitable and standard for the majority of people – may be quite contrary to your ideas and requirements, so it is worth considering. Every person is unique and tastes may differ. Therefore, we recommend all our customers to take advantage of a familiarization tour when intending to buy property in Spain.

 This tour is a unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure! We will show you all the objects you choose and give you the opportunity to visit additional venues that were not on the list. As a nice bonus we will arrange a fascinating tour for you and your family to see the sights of the place. It will be more than just a Spanish real estate fam-tour - it’s going to be a great beach holiday with a lot of fun and interesting sightseeing!


      What is included in a familiarization tour?

 As any tour, fam-tour has a certain plan to follow. But you always have an opportunity to correct or change it. We offer you some sightseeing, routes, real estate objects and so on. You are to select most interesting activities and together we draw up an individual plan convenient for you.


      Familiarization tour includes:

 - Meeting on arrival in Spain;

 - Transfer and lodging according to the agreement;

 - Making up the schedule of visits and trips;

 - Trips accompanied by our agent to selected objects, with a detailed description and familiarity with the surrounding infrastructure and recreation zones;

 - Individual and group tours of historical sites of interest to you;

 - A trip to best beaches and places of Spain;

 - Accompanying services wherever required;

 - Preparation of documents for the transaction;

 - Registration of the transaction, if you decide to buy property during this trip.


  All this and much more will help you to fully enjoy the local landscapes, comfort and quality of real estate objects and make the final choice, or to change your mind in favor of other regions of Spain. By the way, many of those who ordered the real estate fam-tour, change their preferences on the desired location of the property. Some of them switch to completely different requirements. Our company can help to allocate your time rationally and to achieve best results. Our main goal is to make our customers happy and make them fall in love with Spain visiting it again and again.

 The duration of the trip depends on your preferences. On average, 10-12 days is enough to discover the beauty of Spain, to get familiar with its nature and recreation areas. People visit Spain primarily for great vacation, so you won’t be deprived of such a pleasure during the real estate fam-tour organized by our company.

 We provide an interpreter for you to feel free expressing your ideas during the trip and to avoid possible language misunderstanding. Our experienced translators will remove all the language barriers and help you get acquainted with Spain even closer. All transport issues and related challenges – are our task, so you don’t have to worry.


 There are some breaks provided after visiting every object, for you to assess and consider the proposal and compare it to other ones. You can use this time to go on a sightseeing tour or relax at the coast. All these activities and your leisure time play a great role in taking the right decision during the tour – perhaps you will find a place where you want to live or come for vacation. Our tours are not limited to the city of destination, we can choose for you best excursions, including walking and hiking activities, if you wish.

  Fam-tour is discussed in advance so we could select most appropriate real estate options and book a house or a hotel room for temporary accommodation during the visit to Spain. At your request, we can prepare all documents necessary for travel, such as visas, flights and more.

  Just contact SpainHouse - and you will simply have nothing to worry about, we will help you make only right choices in the property market of Spain.



        Tel. + ( 34 )  722 - 495 - 040