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   Translator Services in Spain 

     from 35 €

 Type: Interpreter in Spain


 People visit Spain for different reasons that vary from a memorable vacation to launching a business, so it’s almost impossible to do without the services of interpreters or translators. In order to conduct business negotiations, open a bank account, rent or buy a property, take a trip to the clinic, or to notary, to create a legal entity and for many other reasons individuals may need professional translation or interpretation services in Spanish. Our company has been working in this field for many years.

 It is important to find a professional interpreter or translator, because interpretation needs certain knowledge in skills when it comes to special terminology.

  SpainHouse company provides quality services on translation and interpretation. Our main translation pairs are:

 - Spanish - Russian;

- German - French;

- English - Russian;

- Russian - English;

- English - Spanish;

- Spanish - English;

  Our translators are qualified to translate texts of any subject and complexity, the same for interpretation services. Remarkably, the translators in our staff have unique knowledge of Spanish culture, as well as regional dialects, because Spanish language is very diverse. The competence of our specialists will help you avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the language, which is very important in business, medicine and so on.


Misunderstood business offer may lead to the wrong decision, and cause a negative impression of you among your business partners and possibly collapse of the deal. A good interpreter will defuse the situation between the parties, help to contact each other, and perhaps will play the role of the mediator when making a deal. An experienced interpreter will be able to explain complex legislation that will help you take the right decision without getting lost in business legislation in Spain.

 Our company provides a variety of services; here you can order the translation of required documents, which will save you time and money.

 Even if you speak Spanish, you need to have a special license for the official translation of various documents, so that even great command in foreign language won’t help you do without qualified interpreters.




 Our qualified specialists make translation of any documents.

 We translate passports, certificates, notarial power of attorney, various certificates and references. We also work with medical translations, legal, and technical documentation.


     We make translations of any documents on different subjects:

 - Ordinary translation;

 - Business correspondence;

 - Literary translation;

 - Certified translations;

 - The international translation (Apostille);

 - Translation with simultaneous assurance of a sworn translator;

 - Transfer with the reassurance of a narrow subject – law or medicine.

 Depending on the required amount of text the price and deadlines may differ. Be sure, our translators deal with documents of any complexity and size, we will do our best for you to get ready translation as soon as possible.




 Interpretation is a very popular service used by our customers. This comes as interpreter support during visits to any organizations. We offer interpreter service for 2 hours or more. It can be a visit to the notary office, interpretation by telephone, at the clinic, lawyer, bank, business meetings and so on.

 At a meeting our specialists provide simultaneous interpretation, therefore you can fully control the situation and understand the essence of the matter. Interpretation services are ordered to fully understand the second party, as some superficial knowledge is not enough for a successful deal. Our specialists have great command in the language and possess great experience in negotiations working with foreigners and native speakers.

 Due to the attractiveness of Spain for business and recreation, many tourists and entrepreneurs here from all over the world visit this country. Few of them can speak good Spanish. There are not so many qualified professionals in this field, but our staff works according to international standards and despite high demand for this service, we have enough interpreters in our staff to be able to provide this service. Contact us and we would be glad to help!



       Tel. + ( 34 )  722 - 495 - 040